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Online Dyslexia Therapy (Lexercise)

Lexercise is a Structured Literacy program based on the Orton-Gillingham methodologies. Structured Literacy (or Orton-Gillingham) is the only evidence-based method proven to provide lasting progress for students with dyslexia.


Convenient Sessions

Our dyslexia experts tailor each session to meet your child’s specific needs using the core components of Structured Literacy.  Our 45 minute weekly sessions are individualized to your child’s needs and are done through live Zoom meetings. Students are engaged in a multi-sensory manner using visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching practices. 


Daily Practice 

After each weekly lesson, a daily practice plan is created by your therapist that is customized to fit your child’s needs. Repetition is key! For students with dyslexia, the Lexercise games make practice fun and engaging. Therapists will also provide parents customized activities that provide additional reinforcement. We engage the entire family in the process and you get to participate in helping your child become an independent reader and speller! 

Guaranteed Results 

Lexercise guarantees that your child will make at least one year of progress in their reading skills in the first 8 weeks (as measured by 96% or above in reading accuracy using the Lexile leveling system) or the third month of therapy is free!


Mother and Daughter

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