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What People Say

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"We really love Ms. Mindi and Lexercise. It is so convenient and easy to use that we bring these exercises on vacations and even held our one on one sessions in the lodge on ski slopes. As a parent, the flexibility to bring your tutor anywhere and your child is excited to do their exercises even on vacation is such a blessing. We would recommend Ms. Mindi and Lexercise to anyone!"

Sarah, parent

Reading a Book

Beth is fantastic! Our son, Ayrton, was diagnosed as dyslexic later than most.  He spent most of 2019 working with Beth.  In that time, Ayrton’s confidence and skills increased immensely.  He now has a greater understanding of the world around him, how to advocate for himself, and that he is bright and able to compete with his peers.  It has been a pleasure to work with Beth.  I would highly recommend her services to other families. 

Tiffany and Chris, parents

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"When my daughter was just finishing 2nd grade. I called a tutoring company and they had a 6-month waiting list, so I looked up Lexercise.  We started Mindi and Lexercise when school ended in June.  When she returned to school and they retested her in September, her improvements were through the roof.  My daughter looks forward to her sessions every week.  Mindi keeps me involved with the lessons and future plans.  She has also been my lifeline trying to navigate the public school system.  She definitely goes above and beyond any tutor we have ever encountered.  The bond that she has with my daughter is amazing. One would never know that we live 400 miles apart. My daughter talks about her all the time.  She has been one of my daughter’s biggest encouragers and cheerleaders.  If you have a dyslexic child, Lexercise will change that child’s life." 

Mindi, parent

So I seriously can’t emphasize how much I love Lexercise and what it’s done for my ADD/dyslexic son. It’s an Orton-Gillingham based program that they do online. Beth is amazing. I wanted to share for any moms whose kids are struggling and maybe school is not enough and you don’t have time for a private tutor or your child just needs some 1 on 1. We do this on Sat AM and other online stuff during the week. Still in our Minecraft PJ’s too. He went from a pre-k to beginning of 1st grade level in 3 months and he no longer crumples his papers and says he dumb when he does his work!

Lauren, parent


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