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Multisensory Spelling
Instruction is systematic and focuses on the structure of English words, including recurring spelling patterns and rules, as well as strategies to support the spelling of words not adhering to patterns and rules.  Content is broken into five chapters: Phonology, Regular Words, Rule Words, Irregular Words, and Procedures. Weekly practice with parents is encouraged. 


Read Naturally Live is a highly effective supplemental reading program that develops fluency and supports vocabulary and comprehension. Improving reading fluency is important for developing readers. Read Naturally Live combines several research-based strategies into a single powerful method of improving reading fluency. 

Multisensory Grammar and Written Composition

Tutoring sessions will take the abstract idea of grammar and writing and make it concrete, understandable, and fun.  Color codes are used to introduce and reinforce the definitions and hands-on activities further students’ understanding of the different parts of speech.  We use an Orton Gillingham-based curriculum for students with dyslexia or any struggling writer. Appropriate for all grade levels. 

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