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A Love Letter to our Parents and Guardians

We see you.

You’ve taken the hard step to not only honor your child’s unique strengths but also address the areas where they need support.

You’ve spent your time, money, and energy to find the best resources and solutions to help your child become the reader and speller you know they can be.

We see your worries transformed into action and your love channeled into fierce determination and advocacy.

You're the one on the sidelines in our sessions, fixing the technology issues, being the cheerleader, getting the snack, the new dry-erase marker, the tissue, motivating, encouraging, and the list goes on.

You’ve fought for your child with dyslexia, and we see you.

You fought through years of other people telling you to have your kid “try harder”, or “practice more,” yet you knew in your heart that was not the solution. You kept fighting until you found what was right and worked for your child.

It’s inspiring. You entrusted us to work with the person most precious to you, and it’s a privilege. Together we rebuild not just your child’s literacy skills but their confidence as well.

As 2022 is coming to an end, we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the gift of working with your student and your family.


The luckiest, most appreciative dyslexia therapists at


Today we meet our Director,Mindi Johanneman M.Ed., SLDS

Mindi is the founder and director of Building Pathways. Mindi started her career as a special education teacher in 2007 and began to realize that schools did not have the understanding or use instruction needed to support struggling readers or children with dyslexia. She established Building Pathways in March 2017 to start her mission, connect with as many struggling readers as possible and provide them with structured literacy instruction. In 2018, she started adding highly qualified dyslexia practitioners and, as a result, has had the opportunity to play a role in helping hundreds of families find support for their struggling readers. Nothing gives Mindi more joy than helping her clients improve their confidence by building their reading skills.

Mindi can be found at a yoga class or on a mountain bike trail when she’s not in her office. She enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends.

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