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Welcome back to the 2022 school year!

Usually, at this time, teachers and parents assess their students’ literacy levels, which is not always an easy feat. Often, parents are wondering what grade level their child is on. Referring to “grade levels” in literacy is like referring to one piece (one measure) of a much larger, more complex puzzle.

Over the years, different models have been developed to assess reading levels. These vary widely, are not consistent, and cover a huge range of skills that aren’t necessarily tied to our end goal, reading comprehension.

Assessing a child’s overall reading level can not be based on one measurement. It’s a combination of skills that come together to create their complex literacy profile. Like any good puzzle, it can only be appreciated or fully understood once all the pieces are assessed or come together as a whole.

Professional literacy experts do this kind of assessment all of the time.

If you have concerns about your child being behind, do not wait to take action. Contact us and we can help you!

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